Day 8 (February 7, 2004)

Claire wanted to go up to Seminyak to a place called Bodyworks, and on the way we stopped in Legian for breakfast at a place called Macaroni, great place, very nicely presented meal, and some really weird fruit – including some I absolutely couldn’t identify.

Another taxi to Bodyworks, where we were guided into a room with two large stone tubs, flanked by two large stone tables, with small mats on them, and instructed to change out of our street clothes and into the gear they provided…

Then I enjoyed an hour of extremely decadent pleasure as a young woman rubbed and pulled and pressed and punched me into a quivering mess of relaxation. Claire went big, she opted for 2 hours, including a body scrub with herbs and spices, and some sort of treatment which involved covering her with yoghurt. Sounds nice, but I had other things in mind…

I was off into another room where a girl started massageing my hands, then gave me a manicure, another girl approached and started rubbing my feet, then commenced into a pedicure, and finally a third person came and started shaving my head and face, so picture the smiling contented Morgan, sitting in a comfy chair while 3 people work me over.

It was pretty bloody amazing.

Claire finally came out of the massage room, and started into her own manicure (with french polish) and pedicure. She didn’t have her head shaved, which is probably a good thing, girls with short hair tend to look like dikes.

Oh my god, what luxury. Perfect.

For dinner we decided to give Treehouse another go, no trouble getting a table this time, unfortunately the food was entirely unimpressive, so we gobbled it up quickly and got out of there, heading along to TJ’s for a couple of drinks and dessert, I had a martini, and a lovely pina colada, and the icecream sundaes were very good.

Surprise surprise, good service from TJ’s again.

Tomorrow we’re moving to a really flash hotel down in Nusa Dua (actually Tanjung Benoa) to stay for our last couple of days on Bali, my only goal down there is to go snorkelling and take some more shots with my underwater camera. The rest of my time should be pretty empty. But I’ve thought that before.

I expect we’ll be back up to Kuta for more shopping, and possibly another dinner at Nero Cafe.

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