Trident – Hot and Spicy Thai Flavour

Size: 85g
Flavour: "Hot and Spicy Thai Flavour." Three sachets: Soup base (salt, sugar, lemon flavour, chilli powder, dried leek); paste sachet (palm oil, lemongrass, chilli, shrimp powder, kaffir lime leaf).
From: Foodtown
Price: ?

On the cook the aroma of the lemongrass and kafir lime leaf are very pleasant.

Hotness can be a grand thing, but only when it’s correctly balanced with all of the other flavours in a dish, and the balance just doesn’t seem to be there.  So while there are some pleasant hints of lemongrass, and the nice subtle lime from the kaffir lime leaf, it just isn’t quite enough to get past the lip burning, mouth burning, and stomach burning, hotness.  I think this, and I like hot food.

The noodles are fairly thin, but seem to be of a reasonable quality – not all horrible and yellow like some of the real cheapies can be.

The soup stays fairly clear with an orange ring, and globules of flavouring from the paste sachet, lots of sediment is settled in the bottom of the bowl. The flavour of the soup is quite nice, apart from the above-mentioned hotness problem

As an aside, I actually use these noodles as a cheap pasta base for my favourite quick lunch: trident noodles, minus the flavouring, with oily smoked tuna chunks & liberal sprinklings of chilli furikake.  Delicious.  And significantly better than what you actually get in the package, but never mind.

Another aside, after years of boring Maggi beef & chicken and such noodles, Trident were the first popularly available noodles with more authentic ethnic flavours (not that I’ve ever tasted anything exactly like these noodles at any of the many Thai restaurants I’ve patronised in my time as a gastronaut) and while they have added lots of other great flavours to their range, I just feel like it’s time for the Hot and Spicy Thai Flavour to have a bit of a tweak.

Rating: Noodles 2/5, soup 3/5. Overall 5/10.

Nutrition Information
  Average per serving (500g)
Energy 1935kJ.
Protein 12.5g
– Saturated 11.0g


– Sugars <1.0g
Sodium 1900mg