Nong Shim – Chajang Bumbuck

Country: Korea.
Size: 70g.
Flavour: Sweet soya sauce. One sachet, soup base, content unknown.
From: Kim’s Korean Supermarket.
Price: $1.49.

A pot noodle, the only ‘readable’ language on the box is… Unreadable.  What does Chajang Bumbuck mean to you?  Well, a nice Korean girl told me it means Sweet Soy Sauce.  Good enough for me.

The preparation of this kind of noodle is even easier than that for the more common noodle cake style, peel the top half back, take the flavour sachet out, pour the contents into the pot, then top up with boiling water (in this case the point is marked with a ridge), then fold the lid down so the heat stays in a leave it a couple of minutes before peeling the top righ off, and stirring the noodles up a bit to mix the soup around.

At only 70g of noodles, this is a small lunch, but more likely a snack.  Almost certainly not a dinner.

The form factor of these noodles make them highly office friendly, as you don’t need to worry about bowls and such, or boiling anything in a pot.  One slight drawback of these ones is that they don’t include a fork, which some other brands do (funny little fold up plastic things, usually.)

The noodles are fairly thin, and not very impressive.  The sauce thickens slowly over time, but the flavour never gets very strong.  There are some tiny pieces of mystery meat distributed throughout, so watch out if you’re vegetarian – and while it’s possible that they’re bits of tofu, it’s hard to be sure if you can’t read Korean – it might be better to be safe than sorry. (Or you could relax your ridiculous diet. But I’ll leave that up to you to think about.) There are a couple of tiny pieces of vegetable, who can say what they are though.

Over all I’m not super impressed by these noodles.

Rating: noodles 2.5/5, soup 2.5/5. Overall 5/10.

The nutrition information in the panel below is sketchy at best, as I’m trying to work out which number is most likely to be for which constituent.

Nutritional Information
  Average per serving (70g)
Energy 1361kJ
Carbohydrate 45g
– Sugar 14g
Protein 10g
Fat – Total 26g
– Saturated 13g
Sodium 920mg