Indo mie – Mi goreng

Country: Indonesia.
Flavour: Mi goreng. Five sachets: soup base (salt, sugar, garlic, onion); oil (palm oil, onion); sweet soy sauce; chilli sauce; fried onion.
Size: 85g.
From: Pak ‘n Save.
Price: $0.35.

Indonesia turns out to be not only the home of arsehole murderers, but also cheap and cheerful noodles .

By arsehole murderers, I mean Muslim arsehole murderers. And by cheap, I mean cheeeeeap, these suckers are about 30c – 35c per 85g packet.

The noodles are prepared slightly differently than many others, in that you do the normal boiling water thing, but then completely drain them before adding the falvouring sachets.  And there is a nother difference – there are 5 flavouring sachets in total – base powder; oil & onion; sweet soy; chilli; dried fried onion –  which is great, but also a hassle as two of the sachets (chilli & soy sauce) put the ass in hassle, leaving you with sticky fingers unless you’re very careful indeed.

While the noodles sit in the boiling water, you’ll notice that the water gets very yellow.  This is unpleasant, and I suspect it’s just a symptom of how incredibly cheap these noodles are.

Once the noodles are drained and all the seasonings are mixed in, the flavour is actually quite good, the chilli gives it a nice warmth, and the onion & such make it very nice, sweet & savoury.

You never forget that you’re eating really cheap noodles though, I mean, just look how thin the packaging is.

These noodles are halal.

Rating: Noodles 2/5, soup* 3/5. Overall 5/10**.

* Not really soup, more like a slimy coating of the noodles.
** The overall rating is unfair, for the price these noodles are very tasty.

Nutrition Information
  Average per 170g serving.
Energy 1620kJ
Protein 17g
Fat – Total 17g
– Saturated 11g
Carbohydrate 52g
– Sugars 8g
Sodium 830mg