Baltika – #3 Classic Beer

I’m quite excited to be tasting this beer as, for no particular reason, Eastern Europe hasn’t previously made it onto my beer menu.
Baltika #3 Classic Beer is brewed in vast quantites in Mother Russia, you probably didn’t know that only one European brewery is larger than Baltica, the beer behemoth Heineken.

1 pint brown glass bottle with silver, gold and blue label, and silver foil wrapping over the cap.  4.8% ABV.

Pours quite pale yellow, which you might expect with a Pale Lager.

Substantial, long-lived head.

Muted aroma mostly yeasty.

Flavour contradictory, watery initially, then a slightly creamy mouth, followed by a bitter, slightly yeasty after taste.

Generally quite a weak and inconsequential beer – though also, of course, an entirely inoffensive brew.

I’d rather have a $anything.