For Christmas I made this little video. It’s a quick review of Selena and my last little while together, the good and the difficult; dark times and fun times; alone as well as with friends and family; traveling around the country, around the world, and closer to home.

I’m told that many people find it a very emotional watch, and I know I certainly cried a lot while making it, so if you’re of an empathic bent then don’t watch this until you’re in a position to cry silently and laugh out loud freely.

It’s also quite clear that 10 minutes is a long time to expect people to spend watching a youtube video, but if you’re a friend or family to either myself or Selena you should try to watch the whole thing all at once, so don’t start it until you can do that.

It’s worth it, I promise.

* I posted this on Twitter and Facebook on Christmas day, but it was brought to my attention that for whatever reason I’d never put it here on my actual own personal corner of the web. Bit of an oversight but it’s here now.

The Pancake Fund

Morganco International is excited to finally announce what we’ve been working on so hard for the last 10 or 15 minutes – our new venture The Pancake Fund.

We intend to invest in some of New Zealand’s premium griddle, pan, and grill-led growth businesses. Anticipating huge interest in our Initial Pancake Offering – we expect to raise over $50 for the fund OR MORE – we’ve already begun discussions with a broadly diversified group of hardcore early stage B2B, B2c, BRNCH, and MRNGNTEA providers.

The 30,000 foot view is that The Pancake Fund will provide the runway necessary to allow our partners to raise the bar in the early to mid day sector.

Elevator pitch: We’ll leverage the low-hanging fruit, business plan the playing field, and converge the back-end in order to seamlessly exploit all keywords for a convergent quick win.

Soup to nuts 24/7 is so last year, we’re all about being Top Of The Game from about 11am to about 1pm, one or two days a week.

Full disclosure in the interests of transparency: Our Directors’ fees are a heaping pile of hot buttered pancakes, a cup of coffee, and a glass of juice, or the full amount raised, whichever is the greater.

While at this stage we’re fully committed to the Pancake model, in event of market pushback we’re willing to pivot to a high-level Corned Beef Hashcake with Poached Eggs roadmap.

However we remain resolute in our commitment to the cup of coffee.

You should always take independent investment advice, but how can you lose with such a compelling revenue pipeline?

Apply now.

Don’t worry, it’s just a penetrating chest wound.

Lately I’ve watched a few episodes of a new TV series called Arrow – an adaptation of the Green Arrow comics that is very careful to avoid making any mention of comics.

It’s better than you might expect, but that isn’t really saying much.

There’s something about this scene that struck me as odd. The chap who was “just knocked out” doesn’t appear to be wearing any body armour, so far from just being knocked out, he has a life threatening injury in the form of a broken-off arrow head embedded deeply into his chest.

In any case, the unlikeable hero doesn’t have any qualms about his lie, and finishes off the night having a milkshake with his mum. No harm done, right?