The Animatrix

Right, so they’re hyping the ass off The Matrix Reloaded, I hope it’s worth it, sometimes they do this, and it fucks up what could have otherwise been a good movie, if the marketing causes your subconcious to expect a life changing even, well, practically nothing can meet the expectations.

Anyway, I’d already seen the first 3 web released The Animatrix movies, and of course The Final Flight of the Osiris, but last night hot-young-thing® pointed out that all of The Animatrix was showing down at Metro, so we wandered down later on, had a curry and went in.

It was pretty cool, lots of great animation, and some lame animation, I don’t have a favourite, but if I did ‘Beyond’ might be it, the bit with the kids jumping around and spinning and stuff, pretty cool.

There’s an Aeon Flux’y one as well ‘ Matriculated’, which, as well as the spindly legs you’d expect, has far more vibrant colours than any of the others, more dry humping as well.

‘Program’ is still the lamest, if they’d just rethought that stupid white hair, FFS.

‘Osiris’ still has the hottest virtual ass. By far. Jue is Super-Hottt.

‘Second Renaissance’ parts 1 & 2 gave a hell of a lot of background on the whole thing, previously I thought the robots were the bad guys, now I realise they just didn’t want to be wiped out. Gives a different feeling about the whole thing.

I’m looking forward to Reloaded later this week even more than before. It’ll be great even if it isn’t.