A skateboard proposal.

I’ve decided I want to learn how to skateboard. I used to do it back at intermediate school, 13/14 years ago. Francois came over the other day, and we fooled around a bit. I managed to ride around a bit and not fall off even once, even when I tried kick-turning, just did little clacky ones, but stayed up, yay. Now I want to get my own deck, and learn how to ollie, and get some scarring on my forearms… Maybe even some severe nerve damage. Fun.

Anyone want to take a bet on whether I actually do it or not?

New camera.

I got a new digital camera. Well, it’s new to me anyway. Lot’s better than our other one. Been playing with it a bit. Will put up a gallery shortly. It has zoom & macro functions, which the other one didn’t, and can take pictures bigger than 640×480, which the other one couldn’t. And it really chews through batteries.

Hot Police Action.

4.45 am – Woken by drunken shouting and screaming in the park.
4.46 am – Little Red goes to the window to have a look at what’s happening.
4.48 am – Call Police to report two guys kicking the life out of some stupid drunk guy.
4.52 am – Police arrive. 5 cars, eventually. Including one dog unit.
4.55 am – Talk to police woman, give details.
5.00 am – Sit on the deck listening to Dylan‘s scanner and watching events unfold.
5.05 am – Dog starts snuffling around the far side of the park, we know that’s not where the kickers went, so we figure it’s probably safe to give up on the dog.
5.06 am – Dog finds 2 young men hiding in a car park. We congratulate ourselves on knowing that it was right all along.
5.30 am – Went up Mt Eden to watch the sunrise.
6.30 am – McDonald’s drive through.
6.45 am – Hotcakes and bagels on the bed.
7.06 am – Update website.

Bye-bye Bailey.

Took Bailey back to his owners. The house is a lot quieter, and it’s now less futile trying to vacuum – that dog would rebuild a thick mat of dog hair faster than… Something that couldn’t do it as fast as him.