Tiger Lager

Tiger LagerI’m frankly shocked and amazed that I haven’t put this one up before now, I’ve been drinking and enjoying Tiger for many years now.

I think I was first introduced to it by my friend Francois in a little restaurant on K Rd over a plate of Larb.

Anyway, this is probably my favourite of the reasonably accessible Lagers. (By this I mean just that you can be sure you’ll find it in almost any bottle shop or supermarket.)

And you know it really is very, very good.

Simple brown bottle (330ml, 5%ABV), nice label primarily blue, orange, and gold, prominent motif of a tiger.

Pours clear light yellow, basic white head.

Flavour is very fresh and clean with a little sweetnesss.

I like it a lot, and don’t care that many people seem to disagree.

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