Hemp Beer Premium Lager

Haagen LagerInteresting gimmick, but I suspect it is little more than that.. Marijuana looking leaf as the logo, big allcaps logo type "HEMP"… You know what they’re trying to say.

Thing is, it tastes like any other tasty beer. And it is actually quite nice. But it just tastes like beer.

Cloudy amber, naturally filtered rather than any of the magic stuff that the big brew houses use (it certainly isn’t crystal clear like a Lion Ice, or anything, but it’s not in the same cloudiness league as the fruity & spice joy of a nice Hoegaarden White.)

Standard green 330ml bottle, 5.0% ABV. Nice label, stylishly understated, if you ignore the whole "HEY LOOK AT US!!! WE SAID HEMP!!!" aspect.

Yummo, but with a hint of ‘homebrew, so watch out, I’m going to give you a mean hangover’, which is what it smells like, only a little more subtle than some dodgy piss that your mate Tom brewed in his garage.

Thankyou, madam.

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