Kronenbourg 1664

Another big beer… Not in flavour, but in simple volume… 750ml (5.2%ABV)… These suckers will be the end of me.

Speaking of the bottle (we were, weren’t we?*), it’s really quite nice, perhaps more importantly its also quite a nice beer – don’t get me wrong, it’s nothing to write home about, but it didn’t make me wrinkle up my nose in disgust or anything… In fact I drank it all without so much as a single complaint, and that must be worth something, as I’m not one to hide my displeasure.

They’re still Dirty French bastards… I reckon they should stick to pretending their wine or cheese is better than the NZ made stuff… As they certainly won’t fool anyone with their beer.

Dirty nuclear testing fuckers.

* Quite some alliteration, hmmm?

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