Your friend and now favourite candidate for the Waitematā Local Board, over the next few weeks I want to talk with you about my ideas for:

We have got to build.

Every day we have more new Aucklanders who need housing. I know we can provide it while protecting our heritage and public spaces.

New housing and population growth will put greater pressure on our infrastructure. I believe that supporting more modes of transport is the answer to that pressure not building more roads for cars.

We need to encourage walking and cycling, and fast & frequent public transport across the entire city. I support our existing initiatives including the CRL, Skypath, and the Parnell Rail Station, and I want to see more protected cycle lanes. I believe light rail will make a huge improvement to the utilisation of public transport around Auckland, and it will create greater access to the city.

I was born in Waitematā, and if I have my way, many years from now, I’ll die in Waitematā.

To be clear not everything I’m going to talk about is within the purview of local boards, but so what? We’re talking about running a city, it’s a long game by definition. We need voices at all levels of local and central government advocating for continuing improvement to the way our city works.